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Triangular Maze Dining Table


The Triangular Maze Dining Table exemplifies impeccable design. It brings a comfortable feeling to your home and puts energy into your room. Due to its multi-utilitarian design, It can be placed in a variety of patterns to create fun, interesting shapes. Made with solid wood and finished with warm polishing, this whimsical table’s rich character will be the centerpiece of your dining room for years to come. Since the Maze Dining Table is triangular, it gives sufficient leg space on all the sides, which makes it comfortable to sit while eating.

Triangular Maze Dining Table

Product Description

    • SIZE: 15” width * 28.5” height (per base piece)
    • Glass top size: 72" *36"
    • 3 different variations for the arrangement of wooden bases
    • Base sloping downwards in a maze type pattern
    • Lightweight base pieces and easy to move
    • Color finish: Natural melamine polish

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Triangular Maze Dining Table


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