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Swastik mandir wall rack

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Create a space of harmony and good vibes by adding a heavenly visual treat of this swastik mandir. This feeling of divinity is sure to uplift your space by adding a piece of good omen to it. A massive symbol of Hinduism, The swastik mandir lets you feel pious and holy. Live in the atmosphere of goodness and positivity to attract the goodluck in the air!

Swastik mandir wall rack

Product Description

  • Wall-mounted wooden temple in the shape of a swastika
  • Hand-painted by the artist in pious red colour and "RAM" written in white PU finish
  • Brass bells to complete the look
  • Colour finish: red and white
  • Size: 36" x 36" x 6" depth
    Inclusive of packaging, delivery within Mumbai, and GST.

*Please do not keep any illuminated diyas inside the mandir, it will damage the colouring and can lead to a fire. The PU colour finish is inflammable.

Inclusive of packaging, delivery within Mumbai, and GST
For any custom requirement of size and color please

Swastik mandir wall rack

4 reviews for Swastik mandir wall rack

  1. ajuteda

    Oqoqoawf Aelayogaw

  2. iiboaveyu

    Aqejuho Avesutoyl

  3. ubeweqesz

    Ajojoxan Ikenoy

  4. acorezvujih

    Okijabu Uounio

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