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Shree Om Temple


Why place idols in a temple when the temple itself can be a symbol of a deity? This unique Shree Om Temple was born from the desire to ritualize traditional temples in a modern way. We have created an art out of a temple which is a very unique and aesthetically appealing concept, something never been seen or created before. This practical and functional wall-mounted temple is a universal symbol for all deities. No matter which God you are devoted to, Shree Om will help you share that devotion easily without having to keep idols inside. This innovative design of a temple focuses on using furniture to portray spiritually deep feelings.

Shree Om Temple

Product Description

    • SIZE: 36” length * 12” depth * 42” height
    • Shelf height – 6”
    • Handmade wooden temple
    • Wall-mounted, as well as floor placed
    • Open shelves for placement of idols
    • Color finish: Hindu "bhagwa" with shading from the artist in PU finish

Inclusive of packaging, delivery, and GST all over India.

Inclusive of packaging, delivery within Mumbai, and GST
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Shree Om Temple


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