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Male-Female Synergy Table


SHIVA symbolizes consciousness, the masculine principle.
SHAKTI symbolizes the feminine principle, the activating power, and energy, together forming the Purush Prakriti symbol, The intertwined Star. This star form is recognized as a universal religious emblem that is used by all religions to represent the growth of life. This prompted us to create this idiomatic sign of goodness in a Low height table that is auspicious, harmonious, and positive. A divine-looking table that blends in with your current temples. It also adds to the aesthetic value of your living room, children’s room, entrance lobby, or coffee table settings.

Male-Female Synergy Table

Product Description

    • SIZE: 15” length * 12” depth * 12” height
    • Glass top fixed on the central support

Inclusive of packaging, delivery, and GST all over India.

Inclusive of packaging, delivery within Mumbai, and GST
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Male-Female Synergy Table


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