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Deity Names Counter Table


Jagdeesh, Devta, Parmeshwar, Parmatma, Bhagwaan, Prabhu, Ishwar, Vishvidhata, and Antaryaami are among the 9 synonyms of Gods etched on the Deities table. This beautiful wood-handcrafted hardwood counter has a one-of-a-kind design. The entire purpose of this table was to create a fixed dedicated counter for Ganpati or Navratri for placing the lords. It can also be used to hold deities during any puja or dedicated ceremony where god’s idol is supposed to be placed, or as a versatile extra table to beautify your living room or entrance lobby. This stylish temple decor Blends in perfectly with the rest of your home’s interior and complements the aesthetics of any deities placed inside.

Deity Names Counter Table

Product Description

  • SIZE: 49” length * 18” depth * 31” height
  • A table with laser cut panels in front with God names
  • Extended top by 1” with panel inside the counter
  • Color finish: natural melamine polish in shades of walnut
  • Shades of brown in names with white background
    Inclusive of packaging, delivery, and GST all over India
Inclusive of packaging, delivery within Mumbai, and GST
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Deity Names Counter Table


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