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Cross Shelves


Pious, holy, and religious; the Cross Shelves brings out a new interpretation of aesthetics by merging design and spirituality.  It’s a designer’s take on the holy shape of a cross, combined with utilitarian design creating a one-of-a-kind concept that goes even further to create a wall-mounted temple that can be used in both home and commercial settings. It not only adds value and aesthetic appeal to any area, but it also provides ample space within the temple to keep religious sentiments.

Cross Shelves

Product Description

  • SIZE: 50” length * 6” depth * 66” height
  • Three different shaped open boxes create a design
  • Middle open section in top – 11” * 11”
  • Color finish: pristine white with texture in pu finish
  • Wall mounted temple for both residential as well as commercial
    Inclusive of packaging, delivery, and GST all over India
Inclusive of packaging, delivery within Mumbai, and GST
For any custom requirement of size and color please

Cross Shelves


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