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Charan Paduka Side Table


The Charan Paduka is a replication of goddess Maha Lakshmiji’s feet. Holy and Pious Lakshmi feet are customary to paste or to be drawn in Diwali for welcoming goddess of wealth and prosperity to our home. This inspired us to design this collection of vibrant colors, adorned with ghungroos adding to the ethereal grace of the deities’ feet. Charan Paduka can be used to keep puja thali or prasad instead of keeping it on the floor, to enhance the holiness of a mandir room. This unique multi-purpose furniture piece can be a peculiar choice for commercial, personal gifting, and decorative purposes as your rangoli.

Charan Paduka Side Table

Product Description

  • SIZE: 36” length * 12” depth * 42” height
  • To be placed together, collectively width 13”
  • To be placed with mandir for diyas/ prasad/ rangoli
  • 2” thickness of the top, 6” solid wood legs
  • 3 legs in each feet appropriately placed
  • Color finish: pious red with white artwork, finished with clear up
  • Artist rendition of goddess Lakshmi ji’s feet

Inclusive of packaging, delivery, and GST all over India.

Inclusive of packaging, delivery within Mumbai, and GST
For any custom requirement of size and color please

Charan Paduka Side Table


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