Beer glass bar cabinet


Chug your beer from your can or bottle or pair it well with a slice of pizza, this one is the party favourite! Winding down after a long day at work or catching up with friends after a long time, beer is the hero of your friends and party scenes. As a beer lover, you need more than just a crate of beer to chill with your friends and family. It’s the Art Deco showpiece that can make a bold statement in any home adding lively interactions in your parties! Entertain your guests with this beer-coloured structure that provides you ease of access so you have the choice to pick a can or a bottle!

Beer glass bar cabinet

Product Description

  • Size : 25.5" dia x 61" height
  • Handmade open wooden bar cabinet
  • Golden yellow beer colour with frothing in top and base in PU finish.
  • Artist's True interpretation of beer glass with bubbles and froth in glass
  • Four open shelves for beer bottles, beer cans, beer mugs and ice box.
  • Sizes : 15.5", 13.5", 8", 15"
  • One open shelf at top of cabinet with 3" depth


Inclusive of packaging, delivery within Mumbai, and GST
For any custom requirement of size and color please

Beer glass bar cabinet


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