Balance Rainbow Shelves


The Balance Rainbow Shelves add a touch of wonder and excitement to any room. The literal Rainbow being the inspiration for this unique piece, its shapes and colors depict different aspects of life and serve as a visual reminder that life can be tricky but will ultimately lead you to a well-balanced one if you just have the right attitude. They fit beautifully in a kids’ room to bookshelves in your office, these multipurpose shelves are perfect for just anything that comes to your mind due to its exuberant look and feel.

Balance Rainbow Shelves

Product Description

    • SIZE: 24” width * 12” depth * 81” height
    • 7 different sized boxes – open shelves in 7 different colors
    • Color finish: colors of rainbow in pu finish

Inclusive of packaging, delivery, and GST all over India.

Inclusive of packaging, delivery within Mumbai, and GST
For any custom requirement of size and color please

Balance Rainbow Shelves


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